Our Story

An Orthodox Workshop, based in Greenville, South Carolina, was originally conceived as a way for Orthodox Churches and families to purchase caskets for a "Christian end."

Since 2018, Rick has expanded to also making various items commonly needed, yet perhaps hard to find, like custom icon panels for specific saints, small Orthodox crosses for necklaces or decoration, prayer corner shelves, and even unique Proskomedian Plates for the altar.

​As the business has grown over the past few years, Rick's daughter, Riley Eich, has joined him in helping out with AOW.

​An Orthodox Workshop isn't just a business, but a way to give back. When appropriate, and with the blessing of the Orthodox Church, AOW will help fund and grow Orthodox Christian communities all over the United States.

Who Makes AOW Possible?

Rick Eich began the ideation of An Orthodox Workshop in 2018. From caskets to prayer corner shelves, Rick is the mastermind behind it all.

Full of passion and dedication, Rick taught himself how to operate CNC machinery. That skill, along with many long hours of honing his craft, propelled AOW into the efficacious business that it now is.

Rick has shown that a love for creating products that truly benefit the Orthodox community, along with diligent hard work, can grow a hobby into a business.

Riley Eich, daughter of Rick Eich, began working under her father in the early Spring of 2023. After leaving school at Clemson University and hopping from job to job, Riley realized that an opportunity much closer to home may be the path forward for her.

While Rick mans the CNC machinery, Riley's work mainly consists of sanding, finishing, and painting An Orthodox Workshop's caskets.

Riley enjoys working for a deserving cause and is grateful to have a father and boss worthy of aspiration.

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